12-Step Programs

I. How 12-Step Programs Work? How They Can Benefit You?

12-step programs have been the matter of debate over the years and whether they can help people to survive with addiction.

A 12-step program provides different benefits which cannot be taken lightly. The research keeps on suggesting that such programs help the individuals as part of well-rounded, comprehensive program which includes various types of therapies, detox, and aftercare. It includes different therapies and care tailored to the specific needs of a person.

II. How it Works?

The basic concept of this program is to give a way to the people with addiction to manage and know their disorders and seek social support for recovery through fellow addicts who have same problems.

There are different 12-step program benefits, such as proper guidance for the people and avoid relapse for a long term.

Here are the steps involved in this program:

•Accept restlessness instead addiction

•Seek hope with higher goal or higher power

•Turn your power and manage life

•Analyze the behaviors yourself

•Share results with someone

•Prepare to enable higher power to remove your adverse aspects in analysis

•Request higher power to remove these aspects

•List all the wrong things you have done

•Prepare to rectify your mistakes

•Removal of faults, making self-analysis, and amending daily practices

•Praying for recovery and meditation

•Helping other people in this process


III. How many Types of 12-Step Programs offered?

According to the nature of substance abuse, belief systems and other aspects, types of 12-step programs vary. Some of the leading programs are –

•Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

•Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

•Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA)

•Cocaine Anonymous (CA)

•Marijuana Anonymous (MA)

The main aim of 12-step programs is helping loved ones and families of patients who are suffering substance abuse.

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