Getting the Right Rehab Facility for Your Needs 

One way that drug addicts are able to successfully get off of their addictions is with a trip to an inpatient or patient rehab facility. There are many different types of rehab facilities out there and finding the right facility for your needs is important to improving on the ultimate rehabilitation that you are hoping for. It is not easy choosing to right facility. Too intrusive of a facility can lead to a fear of future rehab facilities, while a lax arrangement may lead to a relapse.

Perform an Assessment of the Level of Care Needed

The purpose of rehab assessment test. questions is to assess the level of care that you need to obtain. Some questions that you should ask yourself include:

- What severity level addiction are you suffering with?
- How long have you had your addiction and how intrusive is it in your life?
- Where are you obtaining your drugs from and do you have multiple sources for them?
- How committed are you breaking your addiction?
- Have you tried to break a drug addiction in the past and if so what led to your relapse?

Once you understand the answers to these questions you can start to assess how best to address your drug addiction. Outpatient facilities are great options for those who have addictions that they believe they can manage while maintaining their day to day lifestyle. Inpatient facilities are better options for those who have negative outside influences who are best kept away from a patient during this critical withdrawal time, or those who may have serious physical withdrawal symptoms associated with breaking their drug addiction habit.

It is important to get appropriate level of care at a drug rehab center to perform an honest assessment of your situation and the resources that you will need to turn your life around.

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