How Opioids Work

How Opioids Work? How to Dispose It Off Safely?

Opioids are the effective pain relievers prescribed by the doctors for chronic and acute pain management. If you are suffering opioids abuse or not taking them properly, they may lead to death and overdose.

Opioides generally come in the form of tablet or pills and they can be taken orally. Doctors often prescribe potent opiloid in patch form.

How Opioids Work? 

Opioids are used to stop pain signals to your brain. Most opioids come in long- and short-acting forms. Short-acting forms generally work for short time but faster than long-acting forms. Also known as LA or ER, the long-acting forms are used for the treatment of long-lasting pain. Opioids are not effective to remove all the pain safely but they can improve your overall function. Each patch has more medicine as compared to single pill as it is formulated to release medicine for three days.

Symptoms of Overdose

If you are using opioids, you are at the risk of overdose or overmedication if you use it too much. If you haven’t taken opioids, you are even more likely to suffer overdose or overmedication.

Here are some of the common signs of overmedication – 

  • Problem in waking up
  • Extreme drowsiness or problem in staying active
  • Stumbling while walking, slurred speech, confusion, or dizziness

Signs of overdose – 

  • Lifelessness, limpness
  • Problem in waking up or problem in speaking or staying awake
  • Problem in breathing, such as shallow breathing, or periods when breathing stops
  • Stopped or slow heartbeat
  • Clammy or pale skin, or blue lips or fingernails

How to Dispose of Opioids Safely? 

Most people have problems in disposing of opiods. This way, you can consult with your nearest waste management company to find out if your community has take-back program. Both patch and pill forms of opioids come with instructions to flush unused medications to avoid illegal abuse or unwanted use.

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