Signs of Addiction

I. What are the Signs of Addiction and How Rehab Helps?

When it comes to addiction, substance abuse is the first thing that comes to mind. But addiction comes in different forms, such as behavioral addictions. Generally addiction treatment centers offer different types of treatment options and conduct their traditional principles of recovery. But you need to look for a program which is specialized in your specific addiction type.

Rehab facilities can provide support to treat addictions to illegal drugs, alcohol, and prescription painkillers. Addiction treatment facilities are also helpful as they target different issues in behavioral health, such as several eating disorders as well as behavioral addictions like work, internet, social media, shopping, gambling, etc.

II. Signs of Addiction

Initially, it is quite difficult to determine if you or your loved one has addiction. But it can get even clearer once you learn about the signs of addiction. Some of the specific signs of addictions vary as per the substance you are addicted to. But there are some common signs in all addictions, such as –

  • Constant participation in an activity or use of substances, even after negative results
  • Feeling strong cravings or uncontrollable urges to do certain activity or use substances
  • Having problem in doing homework, daily work, or at home because of addiction
  • Constantly participating in activities or using substances even when situations go worse
  • Using substances or participating in any activity constantly even after getting into trouble or having issues in social relationships which made worse because of drug use
  • Participating in any activity or using substances for longer than expected
  • Inability to control the participation in activity or using a substance, or having strong urge to participate less or cut back
  • Spending more time using, getting, or recovering from drug or alcohol abuse or spending most of your day in your favorite activity
  • Stopping or cutting back on more important things because of participation in activity or using substances, such as recreational or social activities.

There are many options for rehabs: private facilities, & state sponsored facilities. Most rehabs consist of 30, 60, & 90 day programs! Free drug rehab is available through the state. No cost rehabs for you or loved one. Limited space is usually available. Find out your best options!

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