State Funded Rehab Options

I. What is State Funding Rehab?

A state fundied rehab center is an affordable rehabilitation option for individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Obtaining medical detox treatment, post-treatment counseling, and other supportive resources can be impossible with low-income or inadequate insurance. To make these services more accessible, the government distributes money to each state. The state then uses the money to fund the centers.

II. How Does State Funded Rehab Work?

To begin a rehabilitation program at one of these facilities, an individual must locate a center in their state that closely matches their needs. After the most suitable one is chosen, they must contact the facility to privately speak with a rehab specialist for a one-on-one consultation and insurance verification.

Due to the limited resources of State Funded Rehab Centers, there may be a waiting list to get into the recommended inpatient programs. However, some centers provide outpatient and medical maintenance services for those who are on the waiting list.

III. How To Locate a State Funded Rehab Program

There are many resources one can use to locate a center. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a website where you can search for a nearby treatment facility. It allows the individual to narrow down the search by using their address.
The Directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services also provides contact information for each state's substance abuse services.

IV. Who will Qualify?

The requirements to enroll in state funded programs can vary state by state. It may be necessary to contact the state agency that is in charge of managing them. The Directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services provides the contact information for those agencies. It is common for an individual's eligibility to be based on residence, income status, and degree of addiction.

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